New Super Channel original documentary, Lacrosse: A Nation’s Game premieres Monday, January 29 at 8 p.m. ET


EDMONTON (January 23, 2018) – Super Channel is pleased to announce the premiere of a new, one-hour Super Channel original documentary which takes a look at the history of the national summer sport of Canada. Produced by Nüman Films, Lacrosse: A Nation’s Game, premieres on Monday, January 29 at 8 p.m. ET (SC2), and will also be available on Super Channel On Demand the following day.

Featuring interviews with Mohawk faith keepers, stick makers, coaches, and historians – and full of beautiful archive photos and video – Lacrosse: A Nation’s Game details the rich history of lacrosse in Canada from its Indigenous origins to the 150th anniversary celebration of the sport in 2017.

"In Canada, Lacrosse has roots that go far deeper than simply sport. It's a part of our country's rich history, from its First Nations founders, to those that helped shape the modern game into what it is today,” says Executive Producer Jeff Newman. “Few Canadians would place it on the same pedestal as big-league hockey, but no one can deny the deep impact this game has had, and continues to have on our nation."

“Being able to connect and immerse myself with some of the most passionate people involved in Lacrosse ranks high among my filmmaking experiences,” says Writer/Director Randy Frykas. “While filming I could feel the connection of the sport to the land whether I was in New Westminster, downtown Montreal, or in the Mohawk Nations of Kanesatake and Kahnawake. In the end, not only did I get to make a film, I got to experience and understand how Lacrosse is much more than a sport.”

Originally played by the First Nations of North America, the game was a gift from the Creator and it had spiritual and healing purposes. Around the time of confederation, the game was modernized and popularized by Dr. George Beers, who would become known as “The father of modern lacrosse.” At its height 15,000 fans watched games and it was deemed Canada’s National Sport. Although its popularity would wane, and it would eventually share the national sport designation with hockey, a loyal and committed following remains.

In 2017 the Canadian Lacrosse Association celebrated the 150th anniversary of the modern game with a unique event that showcased the various forms of lacrosse through time. The  film presents a behind-the-scenes look at the event’s preparations, telling the story of those involved in the event, and of the Indigenous people who continue to play the game to help heal their community after the Oka Crisis in 1990.

Lacrosse: A Nation’s Game is a compelling look at a game whose roots run deeper than Canada itself. The documentary is written and directed by Randy Frykas, who is also editor. Jeff Newman is executive producer and Jocelyn Mitchell is producer.

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