David Stewart-Candy is a resident of East Vancouver, British Columbia. A member of the board of directors for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame since July 2012 and responsible for acquisitions and archives, he has spent the past dozen years researching the statistical history of lacrosse with a focus on the previously-undocumented 1882-1931 period when field lacrosse was the primary and popular version of the game in British Columbia.

He is the author of Old School Lacrosse.


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Since 2002, David has compiled the Canadian Lacrosse Almanac as an annual compendium of league standings and history covering Canada, the United States of America, and overseas. Initially printed in April 2002 as a 102-page softcover book with a print-run of 200 copies, the Canadian Lacrosse Almanac was inspired by Jim Hendy and his pioneering work The Hockey Guide which first hit the shelves in 1933 and remained in yearly production until 1951.

The almanac’s initial focus was primarily on the statistical history of British Columbia lacrosse leagues – namely, annual league standings along with post-season play. It was the first publication to research and examine the pre-1932 era in British Columbia which until that time had never been documented at any statistical level.

Over time, further research uncovered new data and new material was made available to the author. Cost and production issues made the author switch from a print format to releasing it in a PDF format – made available for free (see links below) – when he completed a second edition in 2005.

With the current 2016 edition now at 566 pages, the almanac has expanded to cover the rest of Canada, American NCAA collegiate, professional leagues, international competitions, and foreign domestic leagues.

In February 2012, after ten years of research, he self-published his pioneering work Professional Field Lacrosse in British Columbia 1909-1924. The publication thoroughly detailed the statistical aspect of the pro game from the days when lacrosse – and not hockey – captivated the attention and won the hearts and minds of sports fans in the Lower Mainland.

During the course of his research, he came across numerous old lacrosse photographs from the era in the various city archives as well as at the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Remarkably little is known today about these stars from yesteryear. The purpose of this blog is to discover and tell the story of these photographs, the people in them, and their relevance to the history of lacrosse in the province and in Canada.

In the summer months, the author has taken a break from historical research to play as a defenseman for the Prince George Stylers of the Prince George Senior ‘C’ Lacrosse Association. He completed his fifth and final season with the club, hanging up his old wooden stick in June 2015, at the age of 46. Prior to signing with the Stylers in 2011, he played seven seasons between 2004 and 2010 with the Vancouver Vipers and Vancouver Burrards of the West Central Senior ‘C’ Lacrosse League.


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  • A member of the board of directors for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame responsible for acquisitions and archives.

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