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The Canadian Lacrosse Foundation is a charitable organization established as an initiative of the Canadian Lacrosse Association to address the long term health and growth of Lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport.

The Foundation's prime directive is to ensure that resources will be available for the CLA to continue to develop and assist in the development of programs for athletes, coaches, and officials, and to create innovative programs for the development of the sport in communities and schools across the country. The Foundation's mandate also includes assisting in the celebration and  preservation of the history of Lacrosse.

The main objective of the Foundation is to assist the CLA accomplish its goal of long term financial stability so that it can be responsive to the needs and priorities of the membership, rather than to an external funding body (e.g. Sport Canada). In the long term quest for financial independence, the CLA has recognized the need for a granting body to be a stable and responsive source of funding for CLA programs.

The Foundation will accomplish this objective through the creation of a legacy fund; the capital in this fund is protected and the proceeds from that investment are used to support the programs and initiatives of the Canadian Lacrosse Association and the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. The Foundation will work towards this objective by raising funds through application for grants, donations and bequests, as well as through product sales and innovative programs. 

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