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A re-created game featuring authentic traditional sticks and wardrobe helped illustrate the transformation of lacrosse from a Traditional Game played by the First Nations to a Victorian Sport formalized by the rules of Dr. W.G. Beers. [note: we will be providing links to the video-taped presentation as soon as they become available]

Are-enactment of traditional lacrosse will take place on Saturday, June 17th (2:00pm-4:00) at McGill’s Lower Field with free admission.

The presentation will honour the indigenous roots of the Creator’s Game and its transformation into a modern Victorian-era sport. It happened here in Montreal 150 years ago. The spectacle will use sticks crafted by Haudenosaunee stick-makers from across the Iroquois Confederacy. The sticks are 1800’s style replicas.

These sticks will be used along with the wardrobe of the era in this authentic presentation of the Traditional Game, and a re-enactment of an 1867 match between the Montreal Lacrosse Club and the Kahnawake Lacrosse Club.

Fans in attendance will learn about the spiritual side of the medicine game, and the history of how it became the sport of lacrosse that we know and play today. The event will also be available to the world’s lacrosse community through online streaming provided by the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation. 

Official Game Re-enactment Video

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