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John Vinson (Jocko)

JOHN 'JOCKO' VINSON(December 5, 1882 – April 15, 1916) Via Old School Lacrosse An Australian by birth hailing from Sydney, New South Wales, when exactly John 'Jocko' Vinson arrived in Vancouver and became associated with the Vancouver Athletic Club and their championship lacrosse team is unknown, as facts about his life prior to the outbreak of the...
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Ernie Murray

 ERNIE MURRAY Via Old School Lacrosse (birth and death dates unknown)Mount Pleasant Maple Leafs (ca.1907-1908)Vancouver Lacrosse Club (1909-1910; 1912-1913)New Westminster Salmonbellies (1911; 1918)Vancouver Athletics (1914)Vancouver Terminals (1919-1920)Vancouver Lacrosse Club (1921) Inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1965 as...
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