The Year in Lacrosse







  • Although its origins are somewhat shrouded, Box Lacrosse was first played about this time.  Some maintain that the game just naturally evolved around 1929 0r 1930 in Ontario when some lacrosse players in Ontario noticed hockey rinks sitting empty in the summer an moved in just to shoot the ball around.
  •  However according to Cleve Dheensaw (Lacrosse 100: One Hundred Years of Lacrosse in B.C. 1990. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers)  some sources give the credit to a British Columbian, Jim McConaghy:

"...[Jim McConaghy] apparently read a newspaper account of lacrosse being played in Australia with just seven men a side instead of the twelve men used in Canada, and that the Australians were playing the game in an enclosed indoor box instead of outdoors.  Strangely enough, the story turned out to have no shred of truth in it whatsoever, but some old-timers insist it gave McConaghy the idea to go to the Canadian Amateur Lacrosse Association in 1931 with the idea for box lacrosse,
  • The first box lacrosse games in BC were played at the PNE (in the old Horse Show Building) and at Queens Park Arena.