1928 Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Team (Team 2012) – When the New Westminster Salmonbellies won their tenth Mann Cup in 1927, they won the right to represent Canada at the Amsterdam Olympic Games in 1928. 

Lacrosse was classified as a demonstration sport, but the Salmonbellies knew it was a chance to determine the world's best.  With Little financial assistance from Canada's Olympic fundraisers, the team was forced to earn its way across the Atlantic, playing exhibition games in Canada and Holland.  Olympic game reults had the USA beat Canada 6-3, England in a 7-6 upset over USA and Canada 9-5 over England.  The result was a three-way tie, earning Canada, England and the USA a share of gold. 

But the Canadians had to pay their own way home too, and played another four exhibitions in Rnglans, Montreal and Ottawa before returning to BC. All together, the Canadians travelled two months amassing an 11-2 record and winning gold for their country.

1928 Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Team (supplemental)