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Jack Crosby 


  • 2008 : City of Burnaby performs the dedication of the Jack Crosby Lacrosse Box at Riverway in Burnaby
  • 2001 : Inducted into the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame
  • 1988 : Tom Gordon Plague  - individual considered the one person who has done the most for lacrosse in the past year.  British Columbia's Mr. or Ms. Lacrosse  
  • 1980 : Inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in the Builder category
  • 1972 : Tom Gordon Plaque
  • 1970 : John Cavallin Merit Award - coach of the year judged on accomplishment of instilling playing ability, sportsmanship and competitiveness in their players


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CBC Radio interview on Jack Crosby
On the 23Jan at 4:30pm on CBC Radio, there was a live interview with Sohen Gill, President of the BC Lacrosse Association. The interview was on the life and legacy of the late Mr. Jack Crosby and his contribution to the world of lacrosse. In case you missed hearing it, please click here: Download jack crosby.mp3

 Began his carrier in 1964 and through his efforts and dedication, made the Burnaby Lacrosse Association one of the strongest and best organized In Canada.

 Burnaby's Mr. Lacrosse; was president of Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Association from 1964;  over the years he organized and run the Burnaby Intermediates, Juniors, Seniors, coached  peewee teams that won the National Peewee Championsips in 1970, '76, and '77 and a Bantam team that won in 1979 ;  He was also general manager of Burnaby Cablevision that won Minto Cup championships in 1977 through 79 and the Burnaby Lakers that won Minto Cup in 1998 and 2000.






  • Burnaby Lakers
  • Burnaby Cablevision
  • Burnaby Minor

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