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 Ranjit Dillon


  • 1984 : Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 1975 : Maitland Trophy - Inter-city / WLA - player best displaying value to his team, good sportsmanship and assistance to minor lacrosse
  • 1972 : Maitland Trophy
  • 1968 : Maitland Trophy
  • 1967 : Commission Trophy -  WLA Most Valuable Player in the Regular Season
  • 1967 : Denny Huddleston Memorial Trophy - WLA - League Scoring Champion
  • 1966 : Ed Bayley Memorial Trophy - WLA Outstanding Rookie

Featured Story:

Nirmal and Ranjit Dillion  took up the game of lacrosse simply because all their friends started to play when a new youth team, Punjab United, was formed with a group of east Indian players.  This team was under the tutelage of Coach Jack Bionda who agreed, as part of his responsibility to the Shamrocks when they brought him to town, to coach in the minor youth ranks. 






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