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 Mervin E. Ferguson


  • 1978 : inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame
  • 1970 : inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame - Builders

Featured Story:

Merv was an all-around athlete until he was stricken with polio.

During his fifteen years as president of the BCLA (1943-1958) he turned a financially strapped organization into a solvent one.  His dedication was such that he and his new bride sent their honeymoon attending the annual CLA meetings in Toronto! 

 Later he served as the President/Chairman/Treasurer of the  Canadian Lacrosse Association (1962-1963) and he retained the role of CLA chairman through 1963-65.






  • BC Lacrosse Association executive
  • Canadian Lacrosse Association executive
  • Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame executive
  • In addition to his involvement in lacrosse, Ferguson was a builder with efforts ranging across a wide swath of the athletic community in Canada:
    • member of the Canadian Olympic Association
    • chairman Vancouver Athletic Commission
    • president Amateur Athletic Union of Canada
    • Secretary/Treasurer/Chairman of BC Sports Hall of Fame 
    • Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board for the Canada Summer Games
    • executive member of Commonwealth Games Association of Canada
    • executive member Canadian Pan-Am Committee
    • manager national boxing team

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