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 Con Jones



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 Old School Lacrosse - Con Jones

was one of the real promoters in the early days of lacrosse.  Con Jones was, according to Cleve Dheensaw, the early-century George Steinbrenner.  A transplanted Aussie bookie, Jones owned a chain of cigar shops- complete with gambling and pool in the back room. His slogan, "Don’t Argue! Con Jones Sells Fresh Tobacco", and his trademark image, reminiscent of a vaudeville comedy team, were featured on all his tobacco products and comprised Vancouver’s first neon advertising sign.

In 1911 he paid the then astronomic figure of $6,500/year to entice Newsy Lalonde to come west and play (for comparison, the highest paid player for the Vancouver Millionaires hockey team - Cyclone Taylor - commanded only $1,800).

After beating the fierce rival Salmonbellies and winning the Minto Cup in 1911 he decided to build a facility worthy of champions and in 1912 he built Con. Jones Park, complete with a wooden structure surrounding the field of play - bounded by Renfrew, Oxford, Kaslo and Cambridge Streets, across from the Pacific National Exhibition grounds - for his Vancouver field lacrosse team and for soccer (the park is now known as Callister Park).





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