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BLANE HARRISON – Accomplished Box and Field Lacrosse Player

Blane Harrison grew up in Whitby, Ontario. He was known for his stellar

defensive abilities, which he complemented with offensive skills. After one season of Junior B with Ajax (collecting 50 points in 24 games), Blane played three seasons of Ontario Lacrosse Association Junior A with the Whitby Builders (Minto Cup finalists in 1977 and 1978). Blane was selected to the OLA Junior A All-Star team twice (1978, 1979). On offence, he accumulated 140 points (including 59 goals) in 99 games.

Moving up to Senior lacrosse, Blane played nine seasons with the Senior A Brooklin Redmen along with a single season of Senior B with Kitchener. Blane Harrison won the Merv McKenzie Trophy as the Most Valuable Defenseman in Senior A three times (1980, 1983, and 1989). During his one season of Senior B lacrosse with Kitchener in 1982, Blane was winner of the Most Valuable Defenseman Award. He certainly showed his offensive skills in Senior tallying 342 points (including 193 goals) in 180 games. Of note, Blane was on two Brooklin Redmen Mann Cup championship teams (1987 and 1988). In an era when players played both ways, Blane Harrison excelled on offence as a scoring threat and on defense with his superb skills.

The precursor to the current National Lacrosse League (NLL) was the Major Indoor Lacrosse League (MILL), of which Blane was a member of the 1991 league champions Detroit Turbos.

Harrison’s talent and skills were not limited to box lacrosse. He attended Michigan State University and was an All-Midwest Midfielder in 1983. He was also a member of the Canadian National Field Lacrosse Team in 1982 (Bronze medal) and 1986 (Silver medal). Harrison was an honoured tricaptain of the 1986 team, as selected by his teammates.

When hearing he was being inducted into the CLHOF, Blane Harrison responded – “I was of course, humbled and honoured, especially knowing who has proceeded me into the Hall. Then gratitude. To know that members of the Hall took the time to review my resume and then vote in the affirmative for my entry was very special, and I am grateful to the peer support. I am further “blown” away by the reach the CLHOF has. I live in Michigan now and it is truly amazing the well wishes I have received from Americans, who understand the honour of a lacrosse player being inducted into the CLHOF”.

Obviously, with the stellar career he had, there were both team and personal highlights. Blane cheerfully shared his thoughts noting – “I was fortunate to grow up in a lacrosse town, Whitby which exposed me to countless opportunities and highlights, more than I can mention here. However, a significant highlight is being a member of the 1987 Brooklin Redmen. That whole year was something I will never forget. The commitment to excellence by everyone in the organization was fantastic, culminating in winning the Mann Cup. In fact, Head Coach Pete Vipond had us so well coached that we played Game 7 of that series without him as he was called back to Ontario. Unbelievable! Also - representing Canada in the 1982 and 1986 at the World Games was an honour of a lifetime”.

Blane also wanted to acknowledge people who had an impact on his success as a lacrosse player. He stated – “I was fortunate to have parents that supported me and my love for lacrosse. Spending countless hours in hot arenas during the summer is a sacrifice to be sure. When I got married, that responsibility was passed off to my lovely wife, Dawn. She, being an American didn’t quite get it but she was a great supporter. In fact, we spent our honeymoon at the 1986 World Games as I did not have enough time off from work to do both. Little did I know she will use that chit for the next 36 years”.

“From an on-the-floor perspective, I would like to acknowledge, all of my teammates, opponents, and coaches. Teammates became life long friends. Opponents, all great guys. ‘Iron, hardens iron’ as the saying goes. Great battles making each other better. Coaches being tough, instilling confidence. I was fortunate to have been coached by some great men; Jim and Brian Brady (Whitby Builders), Jim Hinkson (Whitby Builders). He introduced me to field lacrosse. Although Jim Hinkson and I didn’t see eye-to-eye in junior, I have learned to appreciate him over the years. Pete Vipond (Brooklin Redmen), Bobby Allan (Team Canada), Rich Kimball, (Michigan State University field lacrosse coach that saw an offensive player in me). They each in their own way contributed to the honour of this induction and I will be forever grateful”.

Blane Harrison – an all-around accomplished player in both box and field lacrosse – worthy of induction into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame – Class of 2022.

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