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Skip Chapman

Ranjit Dillon

Ranjit Dillon

John Allen

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Gordie Gimple



Junior Lacrosse      
Ed Goss      





  • The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame was the brain child of Tom Gordon
    • Gordon was ably supported by Jack Fulton, Harry McKnight, Art Daoust, and Bill Ellison. 
    • It was first proposed in 1963 at a CLA Annual Meeting, and adopted at the next CLA AGM.
    • t was registered with the BC Societies Act in 1965. 
    • At the CLA AGM in Montreal on January 19, 1966, forty-eight first members were inducted to the Hall.  
    • As a result of continued effort by Jack Fulton, supported by Harry McKnight  and Don Benson, the official opening of the Hall as part of New Westminster Parks Board, took place on May 17, 1967.

  • Don Benson took the first Bantam touring team to Ontario and Quebec ending at Expo 67.