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Wall of Fame

This page lists all Honoured Members of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame [listed by year of induction and category of induction] Each name is a link to the Inductees page. An image gallery of each year is also accessible here.

Mann Cup

The Mann Cup is the trophy awarded to the senior men's lacrosse champions of Canada. The original trophy, which is now located in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame is one of the most valuable in all of sports; made of solid gold.

Multimedia Timeline

A timeline of lacrosse highlights through the ages (includes some historic video clips and photos).


- gallery under construction - Surely one to provoke discourse! With over 500 lacrosse players and builders along with 19 teams as honoured inductees in the CLhoF choosing a short list of legends for the Lacrosse 150 Celebration was no easy task. The 15 individuals selected are not only legends but are representative of the game's early 1900s filed game and post 1932 box game.

Minto Cup

The Minto Cup is now awarded annually to the champion junior men's lacrosse team of Canada. It was donated 1901 by the Governor General, Lord Minto, and was awarded to the senior men's champions of Canada through 1909.

CanLax 150 Retrospective

- still under construction but current work is displayed - The 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse Celebration was a once-in-a-lifetime event - a festival of activities to help honour and celebrate the history and cultural significance of Canada's national summer sport, lacrosse. We strongly believe that 2017, a year that marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation as well as the birth of the modern version of lacrosse, is the perfect occasion to re-introduce our country's first national sport to a new generation of Canadians

Notable People

There are countless people who, although not in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, have touched the sport in meaningful ways. Collected here are some of their stories.

Notable "Things"

The CLHoF Museum is the repository of many wonderful artifacts and stories showcasing the history of the game. As we catalog our holdings online we will be providing access to images and stories of some of the more notable ones here.

Notable "Events"

Over the history of the game there are several events that deserve special recognition; some of these stories are especially indicative of our culture and heritage as Canada's National Sport and are captured in stories accessible here.

Notable Organizations

In addition to the teams Honoured in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame there are many other organizations that have been important to the development and success of the game and/or the CLHoF itself. We captured brief "bios" and/or stories about some of them here.

Special Virtual Exhibit

We are just introducing a new feature to our website - a virtual exhibit of some of our holdings that are not part of our current physical museum display. Twice a year we will be selecting an aspect of the game or our artifacts and developing an online-slideshow. A first prototype (A small subset of our Lacrosse Player Card Selection) is on display now with the first feature display forthcoming (expected fall 2017).

Comprehensive Timeline

- under construction - This showcase will be opened in the summer of 2017. It will be the most comprehensive timeline of the sport ever presented and include hundred of events with links to images and/or stories where available. The timeline will have interactive filters allowing the visitor to select and display only specific aspects of the timeline if they so desire.

Down Memory Lane

This page is a Table of Contents (ToC) to electronic collection of more than 120 stories by CLhoF Honoured Member Stan Shillington. The stories include tributes to Hall of Fame Members, notable teams, people, events and other interesting tales about our game.

Old School Lacrosse

This page is a Table of Contents (ToC) to a web collection of almost 50 articles by David Stewart-Candy. The articles and stories include tributes to Hall of Fame Members, notable teams, people, events and other interesting tales about our game.

Bible of Lacrosse

- Under construction - we are working towards honouring the work of Larry "Wamp" Power by inclusion of his collection of Lacrosse stories here soon. -

LacrosseTalk Newspaper

LacrosseTalk is the official publication of the British Columbia Lacrosse Association. A search facility allows searching inside to the pdf copies of the publication (since 2007)

History of the CLHoF

This page describes the concept behind the Hall, its charter in 2014 and official opening in 1967 (100th Anniversary not only of Canada but also of the founding of National Lacrosse Association the predecessor of the Canadian Lacrosse Association) through to the opeing of our new Hall and Museum in 2014 at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster.