1999 Ted Ginger Hall 475Ted "Ginger" Hall was considered one of the great goal keepers of the 19'0¹s.

He played with the Orillia Terriers from 19'5 to 19'7, leading them to an outstanding record of 60 wins and only 6 losses in 19'5 and Mann Cup titles in both 19'5 and O'6. He was a roving goal tender who wore little or no padding and was called by Canadian sports legend Red Storey Canada¹s best Goalie.

He also played for the Toronto Warriors, Oakwood, Brampton and Barrie and played with or against such Hall of Famers as Bucko McDonald (1971), Joe Cheevers (1967), Bill Whitaker (1967) and Harry "Tonto" Smith (1997).